Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The offer is conditional to the Dollar segment and RBI regulations and will be dedicated to your BTQ (Basic Travel Quota) for the Ground Package.

The Rate of Exchange (ROE) used for calculation is 1 USD = 83 INR. Any rise due to fluctuation of ROE will be billed at the time of final payment.

Unless otherwise noted, the quoted rate qualifies for a minimum of two travellers (twins or double sharing).

If the flight is delayed for any reason, there is no Change, and No refund will be made to the already-given package.

Carefully verify the hotel rating and other information on the relevant sources; we cannot guarantee it.

The availability of double or twin rooms is the sole discretion of the Hotel.

Generally, hotel check-in hours are between 1400 and 1600, and check-out hours are 12 noon. Early or late check-ins and outs are conditional to availability and at the hotel's discretion.

The client needs to verify schedules like meal time from the hotel and should strictly rely on that. The breakfast Menu is fixed at the Hotel's discretion.

Upon check-in, hotels can request a Security Deposit (which must be paid if requested) for incidentals such as laundry, telephone, and minibar.

SIC stands for seat-in-coach. The coach will travel to several hotels for tours and transfers.

Clients are expected to report to the lobby promptly at the designated hour for transportation and city trips. If it fails to reach, the same will be missed. We will not be held accountable, and we won't consider an account return.

We do not provide any tour guide or escort with our groups from India to abroad or back to India.

The Destination Management Company reserves the right to reschedule or adjust the itinerary to the best benefit of the tour group, depending on the conditions at the time of the tour.

A person below 12 is considered a child and above 12 years old as an adult. This criterion can vary at the time of cruise linear. One would be notified about the same at the time of booking.

Most hotels provide rollaway beds or two queen-size beds for the third person in a triple room, and the room space may be the same as a double room. Few hotels do not even provide an extra bed.

The airfare is charged according to the fare structure at the time of booking. Any increase in airfare on the grounds of increased fuel price, Government regulations, ticket taxes, etc., charged by the airline will have to be paid by the passenger.

Meals are pre-decided. One does not get a choice for the menu.

Group travellers may have to pay different prices due to hotels' and airlines' adherence to dynamic price controls, which ultimately influences the cost of the package.

Travel Trivia Pvt. Ltd. mediates between the concerned airlines, hotels, transport operators, and local tourist offices providing the services. Travel Trivia Pvt. Ltd. does not take responsibility for any loss or injury sustained by the tourist, including any outside the touring programs.

The tourists must incur additional expenses caused by delays, accidents, natural disasters, political actions, and unrest.
Programs, costs, services, and terms are subject to change without prior notice before or during the tour because they are based on the information available when publishing. "Any portion of services that are not used is not refundable."

New Delhi has jurisdiction over all disputes.

Booking Procedures
To complete the booking procedure and approve the booking form, an advance of Rs. 10,000 is required. The amount may vary depending upon the location/destination for booking. We will update the customer about the payment schedule once the booking procedure is wrapped. The remaining payment must be made at a time before the issuance of tickets and payment to the Hotels/Resorts/Cruise, etc.

Documents Required To Make The Bookings

● Original passport where visa for destination needs to be stamped. One can also submit a photocopy of one’s passport (the first and last pages only). The validity of the passport should be a minimum of 6 months calculated from the date of return to India.

● A photocopy of the PAN card.

● The traveler must sign the BTQ forms.

● The booking status will be communicated within four business days. Should they not be available, the entire advance payment will be refunded. However, the cancellation policy will take effect once the reservation is verified.

● Hotel vouchers and tickets are typically delivered two to three days before departure, but if necessary for operational reasons, they may even be delivered on the day of departure. The quote is predicated on a particular class of travel on a particular airline and/or hotel. If there are no available hotel rooms or airline seats in the designated class, other hotels and/or airlines will be recommended, but at a different price.


Payments must only be made in the name of AAS Flight Solutions PVT LTD. The payment options available are Payee Account Cheques, Pay Orders, D.D., RTGS, or NEFT. Only in exceptional cases, and only in the office with an official receipt, will cash be accepted as payment. Since no documents will be delivered until the checks are encashed, kindly ensure they are submitted on time to our office for encashment. One can avoid the inconvenience of using RTGS, NEFT, Pay Orders, or D.D. to make payments. Please be aware that there will be a 500 rupee charge for cheque bouncing.
If one pays through a credit card, an additional bank charge of 2.5% will be applied.

A full payment is required for all bookings where the travel is scheduled within seven days of the booking date.

The customer must ensure that all the payments are made to our original account before the delivery dates of documents or before the travel date, whichever comes first. Payment cannot be withheld because the passport has not yet been obtained from the relevant embassy or there has been a delay in the delivery of documents.

Cancellation Policy
If the client wishes to cancel their reservation for whatever reason, the cancellation must be notified in writing. We are required by the tour's booking condition to impose certain cancellation fees per person.

Cancellation or charges per person will be applicable as follows:
● 31 days more before departure date NIL (except normal Ticket Cancellation charges) 30- 16 days before departure date: 50% of the total cost.
● 15 – 8 days before departure date: 75% of the total cost.
● 7 – 0 days before departure date: 100% cancellation will apply. Visa Fee and service charges are non-refundable

Any portion of the service included in the unused package will not be refunded, in whole or in parts.

Once issued, an overseas insurance policy is not refundable.

The policy above will not apply to Hong Kong, the GENTING Highlands, the Maldives, or some other places where, upon confirmation, 100% cancellation fees will apply.

The cancellation policies of the airlines or the cruise company, whichever applies, will be applied in addition to the a fore said cancellation fees for air tickets and cruises.

Once a booking is made and confirmed during the Super Peak period (Christmas and New Year Period between 22nd December and 3rd January), a cancellation fee of 75% of the Tour Cost will be charged for all bookings cancelled within 45 days of Travel.

One can not help us be responsible for any ‘Refusal of Visa/ Refusal of On-Arrival Visa/ Delay in the issuance of Visa.’ If cancelled, applicable cancellation charges shall apply accordingly.